cover image: The InterAcademy Partnership - Strategic Plan (2024-2026) Contents


The InterAcademy Partnership - Strategic Plan (2024-2026) Contents

8 Dec 2023

The IAP’s dedication to equity, diversity and inclusivity is reflected in its leadership and the membership of its working groups and committees, and is embedded in the priorities of this Strategic Plan. [...] Promote recognition of the importance of evidence-informed advice and stakeholder engagement by policymakers at global, regional and national levels, and the importance of science, medicine and engineering in bilateral and multilateral international relations. [...] These committees, with representation of more than 30 IAP member academies around the world, will develop specific approaches to meet the objectives under each set of priority goals of the Strategic Plan, the means to advance the plan through the IAP membership and the metrics for measuring success of approaches and progress towards meeting the goals. [...] The draft plan was presented to the IAP Board in May 2023 and to the IAP Advisory Committee and Programmatic and Development Committees in June 2023. [...] IAP also contributed expertise and information for the development of the WHO report titled ‘Global guidance framework for the responsible use of the life sciences’ and partnered with the International Science Council (ISC) to analyse the inclusion and participation of women in global science organizations, and with The World Academy of Sciences and the ISC to launch an advocacy campaign in suppor.


IAP – strategic plan 2024-2026

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