cover image: Advanced Nuclear Energy Guide for State Policymakers


Advanced Nuclear Energy Guide for State Policymakers

13 Dec 2023

The second part of the Brief provides case studies with updat- ed information since the last release of emerging state leaders in these technologies, including: • nuclear projects in Wyoming • Energy Northwest’s plans in Washington State • the state of play in Virginia and the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium • Texas’ leadership in deploying advanced nuclear energy • the Nuclear Alternative Proj. [...] The Working Group, comprised of experts and leaders in the policy, environmental safety, grid operation, and investment arenas, is evaluating how advanced nuclear reactors can provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy for Texas, including how to make the state a national leader in the deployment of nuclear power to take advantage of the economic benefits nuclear energy projects provide to stat. [...] • Amount: The total amount of SNF produced in the United States is very small in comparison to wastes from any other part of the energy sector and relative to the amount of energy it produces. [...] Conclusion: Existing SNF is the byproduct of generating nearly one fifth of the United States’ electricity and nearly half of its clean energy, and the quantity of SNF is very small in the context of the energy produced. [...] Over the course of its existence, the NRC has protected the public interest and ensured that no member of the public has been harmed by the radiation from the operation of U.
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