cover image: Bangladesh – Complex Emergency - 1.6 1.47 938,280 31,439 $876


Bangladesh – Complex Emergency - 1.6 1.47 938,280 31,439 $876

6 Jan 2024

Government (USG) announced $87 million in additional humanitarian aid in support of Rohingya refugees and host communities in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar District and Noakhali District’s Bhasan Char, a silt island in the Bay of Bengal. [...] Following USAID’s funding announcement, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and stakeholders convened at the Global Refugee Forum in December to assess and discuss the ongoing crisis among Rohingya refugees and how to address the challenges and needs among refugees across Bangladesh, Burma, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. [...] Government of Bangladesh Relocates 1,700 Rohingya Refugees to Bhasan Char Between November and December The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) has relocated more than 31,000 Rohingya refugees to Bhasan Char since 2021, with the GoB citing overcrowding in Cox’s Bazar as the rational for the relocations. [...] Maritime Movements of Rohingya Refugees Increase; More Than 1,500 Refugees Arrive in Indonesia by Boat Since November Rohingya refugees sheltering in Bangladesh and Rohingya residing Burma have continued attempts to travel to Indonesia by boat due to ongoing humanitarian needs in Bangladesh and violence in Burma. [...] In Cox’s Bazar refugee camps, State/PRM partners UNICEF and the UN World Health Organization (WHO) have been working to identify and eliminate mosquito breeding sites in homes and surrounding areas and disseminate information about dengue prevention and control to Rohingya households.


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