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V OLUME 23 • I SSUE 22

1 Dec 2023

[4] The schools were upgraded to four-year academies in 1985 and the number of institutions reduced to seven in the 1990s. [...] He sits on the education committee of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and on the science and technology committee management department of the Ministry of Education (Tsinghua University; 7th Science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of Education, accessed November 27). [...] The paper also looks at past examples of technology and trade competition, most notably between Japan and the United States in the second half of the 20th century. [...] This framework considers not only the characteristics of the battery and model themselves but also the environmental impact of the materials used, the vehicle’s assembly, and the transportation process. [...] Looking towards the future Come January 2024, Paris may celebrate the 60th anniversary of bilateral ties with pomp and circumstance— and a potential visit by President Xi Jinping at some point during the year—but Beijing’s hoped “return to the original intention” of the relationship is unlikely to happen.


Arran Hope

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