cover image: 2023 UK Gender Pay Gap Report


2023 UK Gender Pay Gap Report

14 Dec 2023

In addition to the statutory gender pay gap requirements, we have included, on a White & Case also offers a number of resources and opportunities to provide voluntary basis, partner earnings and our ethnicity data to increase transparency in development, training and support for our diverse employees and partners. [...] The median pay gap is the while also providing opportunities to provide input and ideas into new ways of difference between pay of the middle men and women earners, regardless of role furthering the Firm’s diversity and inclusion objectives. [...] In 2020, the mean bonus gap was 48.1% and the median bonus gap mentioned, these figures do not relate to equal pay but to the composition of our was 59.1%, the 2023 bonus gap has therefore reduced when compared to 2020. [...] 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report 3 Understanding our 2023 ethnicity pay gap The ethnicity pay gap information includes a snapshot for London employees and This is the third year we are publishing our ethnicity pay gap, and whilst still too partners as well as a combined pay gap including all UK partners and employees. [...] Annually, the Chairs of the Global Diversity and Global Women’s Initiative Committees, together with a member of the Executive Committee and Chief Our Global Diversity Sponsorship Programme is designed to improve the Diversity Officer, meet with practice leaders for a formal senior talent management retention and advancement of mid-level lawyers from diverse groups within the review process.
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