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19 Jan 2024

The Party’s Historical Denialism Party history helps to articulate the centrality of “self-revolution” (and the eradication of corruption) to the functioning of the Party. [...] The 2019 plan states that the GBA must bolster the development of the People's Liberation Army, with Chapter Four, “Building an international science and technology innovation center (建设国际科技创 新中心),” urging promotion of “the innovative development of civil-military integration in the nine cities in the PRD, and supporting the creation of civil-military integration innovation demonstration zones (推动. [...] In their national report, the PRC’s “basic position on human rights and the situation of human rights in China” included urging the international community to “respect the principle of the indivisibility of human rights and attach equal importance to civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights as well as the right to development” (emphasis added). [...] The PRC reiterated their commitment to “engaging in exchanges and cooperation with other countries in the field of human rights and to promoting the adoption by the international community of a fair, objective, and non-selective approach to the handling of human rights issues” (emphasis added) (United Nations, November 10, 2008). [...] The 2013 UPR By 2013 and the onset of the Xi era in China, the PRC’s political and human rights circumstances had changed, as had its relationships with the UN and the international order.


Arran Hope

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