cover image: IPC Global Initiative - Special Brief - Gaza Strip - THE GAZA STRIP – IPC SPECIAL BRIEF


IPC Global Initiative - Special Brief - Gaza Strip - THE GAZA STRIP – IPC SPECIAL BRIEF

22 Jan 2024

Key Driver Hostilities Hostilities are the main driver of the extremely high levels of acute food insecurity in the Gaza Strip, and entail widespread, intense, and sustained bombardment from the air, land, and sea, ongoing ground operations and clashes, and the besiegement of the population. [...] The electrical grid is no longer functional due to the exhaustion of fuel at the Gaza power plant and the end of cross-border electricity distribution.37 This severely impacts all aspects of daily life, including the processing and storage of food, pumping and distribution of drinking water, treatment of wastewater, and the functionality of telecommunications and financial systems. [...] The FRC warns that the consequences of the ongoing catastrophic levels of acute food insecurity at the same time as the collapse of the food system, health system, WASH system, and broader social system should be viewed by decision makers as unacceptable, regardless of the determination of how fast the situation could deteriorate. [...] The only way to eliminate any risk of Famine is to stop the deterioration of health, nutrition, food security, and mortality through the restoration of health and WASH services, and the provision of safe, nutritious, sufficient food to the whole population. [...] For the IPC Analysis Team In view of the volatility of the situation and the fast pace of deterioration, frequent assessment of the evolution of the risk factors should be conducted by updating the IPC analysis, possibly before the end of the projection period.
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