RIS Wishes Happy New Year 2024 - "South Asian Integration: Trends and Way Forward"
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RIS Wishes Happy New Year 2024 - "South Asian Integration: Trends and Way Forward"

25 January 2024


cities of the country, connecting about the success and outcome of He further emphasised the critical the masses including students G20 Indian Presidency among the role of Mission LiFE in climate and the youth. [...] Most interestingly, the rest of the world, JAM trinity of ethics is the areas of technology, the seminar had specific sessions and its extended use by the masses businesses etc.; Measurement of meant for interaction of students for economic inclusion, and need to economy beyond GDP; and aspects with the experts and among them establish an equitable world order of blue economy and strengthening thr. [...] The programme titled 'LiFE and the Global Agenda: G20 and COP28 Sustainability Link,' was organized to coincide with India's assumption of the G20 Presidency and aimed to promote the principles of Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) among the youth, students, and the academic community worldwide on the sidelines of COP28 summit. [...] The event was to spread awareness with valuable insights and foster Q&A session that followed allowed about the importance of LiFE, a deeper understanding of the students to actively participate and highlight the success of the G20, connections between LiFE, the G20 seek clarifications on various aspects and emphasize the significance of agenda, and the sustainability goals of the global initiativ. [...] Lessons Learned and Replicating Visiting Fellow• Joined as panelist in two Action Innovation Success Stories at the • Participated in as Speaker for the Labs of Global LiFE Summit National workshop on Improving session on "Science Diplomacy on “Policy and Regulation” the Innovation Aptitude and and the Asia Pacific region- and “Reforming Development the Performance of the States challenges and opp.

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