cover image: Genetic susceptibility to depression and the role of partnership status


Genetic susceptibility to depression and the role of partnership status

28 Nov 2023

Unit PharmacoTherapy, -Epidemiology, and -Economics (PTEE), Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy, University of Groningen, the Netherlands Abstract This study explored the interplay between genetic predisposition, partnership status and depression by examining the association of a polygenic risk score (PGS) for depression with time to antidepressant purchasing and the moderating role of partne. [...] Funding MM was supported by the Strategic Research Council (SRC), FLUX consortium, decision numbers 345130 and 345131; by the National Institute on Aging (R01AG075208); by grants to the Max Planck – University of Helsinki Center from the Max Planck Society, Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki, and Cities of Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo; and the E. [...] Nonetheless, using antidepressant purchasing as a proxy for depression may overestimate actual depression diagnosis, which might lead to an underestimation of the relationship between the PGS and depression and the interaction of partnership status with the PGS. [...] This might introduce collider bias and could lead to an inflated interaction coefficient and over-interpretation of the magnitude of interaction.34 Although this needs to be considered when interpreting the main and interaction terms found for the divorced group, our conclusions of no evidence for an interaction between PGS and partnership remain the same. [...] In 1992, the participation rate was 72% in men and 81% in women and declined to 57% in men and 67% in women in 2012.43 The HEALTH survey included a sample of the Finnish population above the age of 30 collected in 2000 and 2011.


Maria Gueltzow, Hannu Lahtinen, Maarten J. Bijlsma, Mikko Myrskylä, Pekka Martikainen

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