cover image: FEDERAL ADVOCACY  - 2024 Action Agenda


FEDERAL ADVOCACY - 2024 Action Agenda

5 Jan 2024

Small cities, towns, and mid-size communities are invested stakeholders in national challenges and continue to increase their capacity to create local opportunities with federal programs from the bipartisan infrastructure law and the COVID State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund grant program. [...] SUPPORT A LOCAL WORKFORCE PIPELINE With the once-in-a-generation federal investments in infrastructure, clean energy and advanced manufacturing through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, Congress should support an at-scale investment in workforce development, training and apprenticeship programs to ensure America’s communities. [...] PREVENT FEDERAL OVERREACH OF LOCAL GOVERNMENTS Federal preemption of core local authorities and unfunded mandates threaten the ability of local leaders to balance budgets, maintain key services, manage growth, and ensure the safety and usability of public spaces. [...] In recent years, limitations on the ability of local governments to negotiate fair communications franchises, govern the placement of telecommunications equipment on city streets and poles, and to own and operate broadband infrastructure and services have encroached on local efforts to close the digital divide. [...]   Strengthen the intergovernmental partnership between the federal government and municipalities to ensure local authorities are protected and avoid undue costs and burdens.
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