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Circularity Gap Report 2024

1 Feb 2024

The Circularity Gap Reports have provided crucial analysis and theory on the global state of circularity since 2019. This year’s report turns theory into action. It lays out a roadmap for ambitious change to unlock capital, roll out bold policies and close the skills gap. How can we ensure people’s wellbeing while operating within our planet’s key boundaries across air, land and water? This is the ultimate question of our time. Rising material consumption and excessive waste drive profound—and increasing— disparities in the distribution of wealth, materials and opportunities around the globe. But there is another way: our Circularity Gap Report 2023 found that through circular economy solutions, we can meet people’s needs with one-third fewer materials than we use today, reversing the overshoot of five planetary boundaries. This Report takes the next step to uncover the ‘how’: building on last year’s 16 solutions across four key systems—food, the built environment, manufactured goods and mobility—it speaks to governments and industry leaders about how they can turn theory into action. It considers how enabling elements—policy, finance shifts and the role of the workforce—can be leveraged to support the circular transition in all corners of the globe, raising living standards in some places while lowering environmental impact.
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Matthew Fraser, Álvaro Conde, Laxmi Haigh

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