cover image: The German Far Right Online. - A Longitudinal Study - Paula Matlach & Dominik Hammer


The German Far Right Online. - A Longitudinal Study - Paula Matlach & Dominik Hammer

29 Jan 2024

To better understand if and how these trends manifested in the German far-right online ecosystem following the During the research period, multiple crises have altered implementation of both NetzDG and its successor, the dynamics of the German far right, which is reflected the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA), the in the findings. [...] This ideological online in the context of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory, significance is both linked to a current trend90 and to a according to which members of the US Democratic Party long history of the far right identifying as ’defenders of the are guilty of paedophilia and child murder. [...] On of the Chinese Spy balloon incident in the USA.106 the day of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, channels in the dataset started specifically using Messages labelled conspiracy meta-discussions the term “US biolabs in Ukraine”, adapting previous were mostly published in conversations aiming to iterations of biolab conspiracies to fit the context validate conspiracy theories. [...] Among the led to a peak in messages claiming that a prior different anti-crypto conspiracy theories was the claim iteration of the event sparked the COVID-19 pandemic that Bitcoin was developed either by the NSA or the and speculating that it would be used to conduct CIA, which is based on a conjectured translation of the cyberattacks as part of devious plans connected to the Bitcoin founder’s pse. [...] The German far accusing Merkel of having destroyed Germany, of right actively tried to exploit the momentum of the having stolen from the state and of accepting campaign protests by mobilising their supporters and framing the The German Far Right Online 38 protests along the lines of their own goal of preventing Messages labelled housing were centred around rising or abolishing environmental prote.
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