1. Indicative ToR for the external evaluation - Services required Organizations and project overview
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1. Indicative ToR for the external evaluation - Services required Organizations and project overview

1 February 2024


The European Union (EU) funds the project and entrusts its implementation to the Small Arms Survey (project coordinator), INTERPOL, and the World Customs Organization (WCO), working in collaboration with the LAS Department of Arms Control and Disarmament. [...] As expressed in the Project Logframe, these outcomes are: Outcome 1 A sustainable increase in the national capacity of LAS Member States to combat the illicit proliferation of SALW, combat terrorism, and enhance security in post- conflict situations, consistent with international human rights standards Outcome 2 A sustainable increase in the regional capacity of the LAS to address the same (Outcom. [...] The specific objectives of the evaluation will be to assess the progress made towards the achievement of the expected results of the project, the relevance of the project’s theory of change to the target groups, as well as to identify key lessons to be learned from the implementation of the project. [...] With this in mind, the evaluation’s objective should be three- pronged, and focus on: The overall relevance of the approach and strategic objectives to the target groups; The progress and impact in terms of uptake across the Arab Region; The extent to which the project contributes to sustainable capacity building and feeds into policy processes in the Arab Region in the thematic areas the pr. [...] Evaluation criteria and questions The following questions may serve to frame the evaluator’s engagement: Relevance and coherence: to what extent do the objectives and expected results meet the needs of the target groups in the Arab Region? What mechanisms were put in place to ensure the project remains relevant over time, despite changes in the operating environment at country and regional levels?.

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