cover image: Working Group Paper #17


Working Group Paper #17

31 Jan 2024

Develop a database of alterna8ves to Russian soHware based on the recommenda8ons given in ARPP’s “Catalog of Compa8bility of Russian SoHware,” “Domes8c SoHware," and "Competence Center for Import Subs8tu8on in the Field of ICT." • Inform businesses of consequences. [...] These rela8onships illustrate the complex network of developers and users in Russia's soHware ecosystem, extending to the Na8onal Guard and the Ministry of Defense (see the appendix for full details of the en88es and rela8onships). [...] It is based on the Russian “Sisyphus” repository but developed jointly by Bazalt SPO LLC and the group of companies under the umbrella of JSC "Informa8on Implementa8on Company." The intricate web of rela8onships between these en88es underscores the complex nature of the Russian soHware industry. [...] Despite sanc8ons and the reduced presence of Western companies, Russian firms con8nue to access and u8lize these advanced soHware systems, underscoring the importance and viability of effec8ve sanc8ons policies and enforcement. [...] Name: SoHware Solu8ons for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federa8on Related Companies: JSC Papillon (TIN: 7415020254), LLC "Informa8on Technologies Papillon" (TIN: 7415099399), Adis LLC (TIN: 7415068591) 17 International Working Group on Russian Sanctions Related People: Pavel Anatolyevich Zaitsev (TIN: 74150.
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