THE DOSSIER - Gendering Economic Sanctions:  Best Practices for the U.K.
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THE DOSSIER - Gendering Economic Sanctions: Best Practices for the U.K.

31 January 2024


Max Thompson and Kallie Mitchell Executive Summary Assessing the four broad areas where UK sanctions and gender equality efforts currently intersect In recent years, the United Kingdom has used targeted (discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual and gender- sanctions to support its efforts to accelerate the goals based violence, LGBTQ+ rights, and the suppression of gender equality The UK Foreign. [...] should use its influence within and outside sanctions to promote accountability for sexual and of the Commonwealth to expand its push for gender-based violence and the violation of the rights LGBTQ+ rights within sanctions policy and target of women and LGBTQ+ persons sanctions in a manner that protects vulnerable groups from backlash 3. [...] It is informed analysis and expertise on WPS issues.” the right thing to do and the smart thing to do, However, the Treasury is not a lead agency on any because empowered and engaged women of the commitments in the NAP, and the CSSF make societies more prosperous and secure Helpdesk does not contain a single publication on Setting out five strategic objectives (SOs), which are economic sanctions m. [...] has a long-established PSVI strategy and outlines a series Prevention of impressive commitments under SO2 of the NAP that go far beyond CRSV and considers other forms The WPS agenda’s prevention pillar has been referred of sexual violence and coercive control, as well as the to as “the weakest ‘P,’” leading to concerns that the provision of support to survivors and the well-being agenda is more fo. [...] Security Democratic Opposition Council resolution on Women, Peace and Security in 2000 Indeed, the UK’s WPS NAP acknowledges Promoting democracy and protecting civil and political that “civil society are in the driving seat of the WPS rights around the world has been a long-standing agenda” and “recognizes the importance of civil society priority of the UK and its foreign aid programming In as a k.

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