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YEF Council Youth Delegate Applications To: From:

11 Jan 2024

Robert Blaine, Senior Executive and Director, Center for Leadership, Education, Advancement & Development, National League of Cities Re: Youth Appointments to NLC’s Council on Youth, Education, and Families Membership on NLC’s Council on Youth, Education, and Families (YEF Council) is an opportunity for youth to have an ongoing voice in the work of NLC and its Center for Leadership, Education, Adv. [...] “Being a member of the YEF Council is an amazing and unique experience that allows me to work with city councilmembers and mayors from cities across the nation and advocate for issues on behalf of the youth.” – Former YEF Council Youth Member NLC invites any youth leader who serves on a city’s youth council, commission, or advisory board and who is also currently enrolled as a high school sophomor. [...] More information on the work of the YEF Institute, LEAD and the current leadership of the YEF Council is available here. [...] Youth council member are expected to serve as leaders on the Youth Delegate Planning Committee and will serve as the emcees of all youth delegate sessions. [...] This statement should also address (A) how your experiences enable you to represent various youth effectively, (B) how involvement in the YEF Council would contribute to your growth and future plans, and (C) how you will share the ideas and strategies being discussed by the YEF Council with your hometown youth council or other local groups.


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