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Mikko Myrskylä SUMMARY

22 Dec 2023

My training includes a PhD in Demography from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in Statistics from the University of Helsinki, and most of my work focuses on population health, fertility dynamics, and demographic forecasting. [...] Benavides, Mikko Myrskylä “The Length of Working Life in Spain: Levels, Recent Trends, and the Impact of the Financial Crisis” European Journal of Population (2018), 34(5), 769- 791 Goisis, Alice; Schneider, Daniel C.; Myrskylä, Mikko: “Secular changes in the association between advanced maternal age and the risk of low birth weight: a cross-cohort comparison in the UK.”, Population Studies 72 (3). [...] “Birth order and hospitalization for alcohol and narcotics use in Sweden.” Drug and Alcohol Dependence 167: 15-22 (2016) Barclay, Kieron, and Mikko Myrskylä. [...] “Maternal age and offspring health and health behaviours in late adolescence in Sweden”, Social Science and Medicine - Population Health 2: 68-76 (2016) Margolis, Rachel and Mikko Myrskylä. [...] Schoeni Guest editor for the Population and Development Review Supplement on Covid-19 and Family Formation Dynamics (forthcoming), together with Natalie Nitsche and Joshua Wilde Guest editor of a Social Science and Medicine Special Issue “Pathways to Health”, together with the Tommy Bengtsson (Lund University) and Alain Gagnon (University of Montreal).



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