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Corporate Governance - Key developments

12 Jan 2024

To prepare for the new rules, the FCA strongly encourages listed companies to engage early with Adoption of the standards in the UK IFRS S1 and S2, and to build the standards into their plans for future reporting. [...] The TNFD recommends the adopt the Recommendations as part of their wider impact materiality definition from GRI for report preparers corporate strategy for nature and if so, ensure who choose to apply an impact materiality process in the that they have the requisite internal mandates absence of any regulatory guidance that may be relevant to and processes in place to report against the the organis. [...] Companies should ensure their Among the allegations levelled at those involved was NEDs have a clear understanding of the role they the existence of serious failings in accurately reflecting are appointed to and have the requisite skills the true financial position of the company, rendering and capacity to challenge information they are the financial statements to be in essence, false and given, h. [...] Click here for the FRC’s press release entitled Defence ‘Sanctions against KPMG LLP, KPMG Audit plc and The strategy for the defence was to argue that the two former partners’ entire case was flawed as a result of this “erroneous Click here for the House of Commons Research contention” that directors owe such a strict duty to Briefing: the collapse of Carillion know the true position of the compa. [...] However, in the Policy Statement, the FRC indicated that: Following the publication of the revised UKGCG, the FRC is due to review the UK Stewardship Code.
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