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ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research

31 Jan 2024

Age agnostic discoveries Irrespective of age, participants stated that they loved work because of the personal connection/ people, the sense of achievement and fulfilment, and the ability to learn new things and be challenged. [...] No focus groups were held with Dymocks retail staff due to the difficulty of gathering a group of people at a mutually convenient time because of the structure of the workforce (permanent, part-time, casual) and the hours of operation (7 days a week with extended hours during the week). [...] One of the sort of obvious challenges is in a store … there is Female, 45+ the physical ability to carry out all of the tasks that a younger member of the team would be able to carry out. [...] Issues raised included the confidence and experience of a younger manager, the perception of a manager’s skill by an older team member, and the willingness of an older team member to listen to a younger manager. [...] However, the support and success of HR strategies and policies designed to increase the number of older people in a workforce were leadership, flexible work policies and practices, intergenerational mentorship, training and the experience of working with an older person.


Catherine Rickwood, Natasha Ginnivan, Meiwei Li, Mitiku Hambisa, Kaarin J. Anstey

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