cover image: THE GREAT ACCELERATION - 2024 Environmental Scan


THE GREAT ACCELERATION - 2024 Environmental Scan

30 Jan 2024

Add to this the killings of thousands in each of the conflicts in Ethiopia, Myanmar and Yemen; the civil war in Sudan, with at least 9,000 killed and another 5.6 million forced to flee their homes4; and the rise of proto-fascist leaders or coalitions in Argentina, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Israel, the Netherlands, and soon, if polls hold, the US. [...] Instead of more or better services, the basis for resolving many of America’s social problems is the community capacity of the local citizens.”38 McKnight gave expression and voice to the millions of people in the US, Canada, and well-beyond, who were working in a community development frame (and to the community social workers perennially losing the professional status battle to the clinical soci. [...] But the wave of professionalization in the decades leading to the 1990s was merely prelude to the current threats to the ‘spirit of community’. [...] The math is actually fairly simple – the more firms that are at the table, at different stages of project scoping, design, tendering, and development, the more complex the chain of decision-making, and the more opaque and elusive the accountability. [...] Much of the stagnation and the more recent decline in life expectancy in the US, in addition to struggles with universal access, is attributed to emphasizing “…rescue care [and] acute care at the expense of investing in, supporting, and enabling health promotion and disease prevention”, a problem that is taking root in Canada as well.142 The roots of this crisis are decades in the making, involvin.
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