cover image: Thursday, November 30th Session 1 – Thursday – 1:00 – 2:45 pm


Thursday, November 30th Session 1 – Thursday – 1:00 – 2:45 pm

5 Jul 2023

Petersburg (Russia) Trajectories of Socialist Thought in the Autobiographies Papers: Olga Dovbysh, U of Helsinki (Finland) of Two Terrorists in the Russian Empire" "Environmental Journalism in Russia Before and After Stanislav Khudzik, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign the War" "The Russian Civil War as Skaska?: Temporalities of Teemu Oivo, U of Helsinki (Finland) Revolution and the Storytelling C. [...] Harris, Baylor U Orthodox Palestine Society" "Molding Ukrainian Identity for Russian Consumption: Marta Łukaszewicz, U of Warsaw (Poland) The Case of Folk Music in Recent War Films" "Sacrament of Marriage as an Instrument of Oppression Disc.: Yelena Zotova, Pennsylvania State U and the Cases of Pastoral Rebellion in the Works of Amy Singleton Adams, College of the Holy Cross Nikolai Leskov, Stefan. [...] Channell-Justice, Harvard U "Brothers in Arms?: Russian Refugees in Bulgaria and the Rory Emmett Finnin, U of Cambridge (UK) Emergence of Anti-Bolshevik Humanitarianism" Volodymyr Kulyk, National Academy of Sciences (Ukraine) Aileen Friesen, U of Winnipeg (Canada) Maryna Romanets, U of Northern British Columbia (Canada) "Leaving Soviet Ukraine: Mennonites and the Politics of Sophia Wilson, Souther. [...] Clowes, U of Virginia 7-13 In and beyond the Realm of Epistemological Colonialisms: Part.: Barbara Henry, U of Washington The Troubling Story of Gender Studies in Eastern Europe - Elena Konstantinovna Murenina, East Carolina U Meeting Room 308, 3rd Floor Susanna Weygandt, Sewanee: The U of the South Chair: Svetlana Tomic, Alfa BK U (Serbia) Papers: Magdalena Koch, Adam Mickiewicz U (Poland) 7-16 F. [...] Poznan, U of Maryland, College Park Part.: Katherine Bowers, U of British Columbia (Canada) Papers: Emily Rebecca Gioielli, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Braxton Boyer, U of Toronto (Canada) "The Materiality of Confiscation during the Hungarian Kate Rowan Holland, U of Toronto (Canada) Revolutions of 1918–1919" Elena Vasileva, U of Toronto (Canada) Alice Lovejoy, U of Minnesota "Making Sense of.


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