cover image: Reflections on Dr. Bawumia’s Speech – Part II 1


Reflections on Dr. Bawumia’s Speech – Part II 1

12 Feb 2024

Bawumia’s speech delivered on February 7, I concluded the speech - a) struck the right partisan tone; b) acknowledged the economic pinch points Ghanaians have felt; c) did not adequately and in a direct way, reconcile the force of the many arguments and assertions made in 2016 with eventual economic realities; and d) was not very measured in the number of campaign promises. [...] How so? The question is how does the Bawumia campaign position itself in the face of such public perceptions? Keep in mind that the NDC regularly describes this administration as “The Akufo- Addo/Bawumia government.” They also never miss an opportunity to point out his role as head of the Economic Management Team. [...] Page2 CDD-Ghana Blog Posts Second, is the description of the role of the Economic Management Team as advisory without decision-making authority (Paragraph 64). [...] This is a rewriting of the narrative about the Economic Management Team. [...] The role of this team was amplified in the lead-up to the 2016 elections and beyond.
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