cover image: The Fragility of Freedom - Online Holocaust Denial and Distortion


The Fragility of Freedom - Online Holocaust Denial and Distortion

26 Jan 2024

The subsequent spike in antisemitism around • Obscuring collaboration of the Arab world and Iran in the world has further compounded the perception of the Holocaust and of the wide-spread appeal of Nazi current events posing an existential threat. [...] In a widely circulated video, chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the a large mass of demonstrators in front of the Sydney Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Opera house appear to be chanting “Gas the Jews!”.25 Germany and its supporters and accomplices during The slogan “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas!” has been World War II (the Holocaust). [...] The portrayal of Jews as perpetrators of The suggestion is both that historic responsibility should a Holocaust and the false equivalence between the not inform foreign policy decisions towards Israel and Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a Gaza, and that the question of historic responsibility is particularly pernicious form of the phenomenon. [...] racist and antisemitic messages.84 The building in the background is reminiscent of the gates of the Auschwitz- The prompt “children happily playing at a concentration Birkenau extermination camp, and the headgear and camp” was used to create images with Runway and Stable clothing of the people are reminiscent of historical photos Diffusion. [...] While the depiction of the surrounding and the buildings appear to be largely photorealistic, artifacts on the faces and missing arms and hands of the bodies indicate that the image was generated using AI.
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