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Practice | Five things to know about ... - Postinfectious cough in adults 1

1 Feb 2024

Classification of cough as a inflammatory cascade, increasing bronchial sensitivity and mucus symptom in adults and management algorithms: CHEST guideline and expert panel report. [...] Treatments for subacute cough in primary care: systematic review and meta-analyses of 2 Diagnosis is by exclusion randomised clinical trials. [...] Inhaled corticosteroids absence of concerning physical examination findings, and exclusion for subacute and chronic cough in adults. [...] radiograph.2 Other red flags include a history of recurrent pneumo- Affiliations: Department of Family Medicine, Faculty of nia or an extended history of smoking.2 Coughs that last longer than Medicine (Liang), University of British Columbia, Vancou- 8  weeks are considered chronic and require further assessment, ver, BC; Fraser Health Authority (Liang, Hui), Surrey, BC; such as a pulmonary functi. [...] 5 Patient reassurance and education are criticalReassuring patients that postinfectious cough is time limited and self resolving can reduce unnecessary prescriptions, including of CMAJ invites submissions to “Five things to know antibiotics.6 Clinicians should advise patients to arrange a follow-up about …” Submit manuscripts online at .
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