cover image: YI School - RPS Classroom Assistant Posting 2.24


YI School - RPS Classroom Assistant Posting 2.24

8 Feb 2024

This is an interactive and collaborative program with lessons that can be applied to the learner’s professional and personal activities and pursuits. [...] The Radical Policy School is grounded in theoretical learning and practical application; it aims to be rigorous, intentional, and devoted to transformation and revitalization. [...] The majority of your time in this role will be spent in the virtual and online classroom, listening, observing and providing support. [...] breakout rooms) and troubleshoot any tech issues that may arise ● Strong interpersonal skills; high sense of emotional intelligence→ able to anticipate needs, knows when to observe and support, when to step up, when to step back ● Strong organizational and time management to work remotely and ability to be flexible as priorities change Application Requirements Please submit your resume and a short. [...] Yellowhead School brings together and expands on the educational infrastructure and programming at the Yellowhead Institute, which is rooted in Indigenous pedagogy, knowledge, and commitment to a decolonial future.
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