cover image: Building Trust - Elevating trust for organizational health and wellness using emotional intelligence


Building Trust - Elevating trust for organizational health and wellness using emotional intelligence

31 Jan 2024

85 years of evidence-based and practitioner-focused training In-person, virtual and custom programs available Coaching from industry leaders with real-world experience Certificate-based programs in HR, LR and OD Practical simulations and tools that apply to your work environment 2 Trust is the ultimate foundation in the relationship that all workplaces build with their stakeholders. [...] You’ll participate in important For information on program dates, conversations about trust myths, facts, and research, and have the opportunity to leverage location and fees, visit: feedback from experts and fellow participants as you develop a trust fitness plan for your o rganization. [...] using-emotional-intelligence-2/ L earning Objectives Program Delivery In-person and virtual ■ Explore levels of trust from individual, team, and organizational perspectives For information on in-person and ■ Identify your current level of emotional intelligence and understand your trust-growth virtual programs visit our FAQ page. [...] opportunities including your role to increase team performance and commitment Registration ■ Learn key lessons from real-life case studies of Canadian companies and how to use international and national trust research and trends For information on registration, payment and discounts: ■ Diagnose your organization’s current and desired trust level and create a “Trust Fitness call toll-free: 1-888-85. [...] ■ Sustain your approach by using a trust plan in times of social, economic and technological change and strengthen your trust muscle for change that is ongoing To register for a program visit our registration page Organizational Benefits ■ Tools to understand and leverage emotional intelligence in the workplace Who Should Attend? This program is ideal for leaders, People and ■ Real-world expertise.


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