cover image: From AUKUS to CAUKUS: The Case for Canadian Integration


From AUKUS to CAUKUS: The Case for Canadian Integration

8 Feb 2024

He is the author of the major History Reclaimed report Can we trust the BBC with our history? which assesses the accuracy and balance of the treatment of controversial and complex subjects in a series of flagship BBC programmes. [...] The report received widespread coverage in the British and international press, including on the front page of The Telegraph. [...] Professor Doug Stokes Doug Stokes is a Senior Advisor at the Legatum Institute and a Professor of International Security and Strategy at the University of Exeter. [...] His books include Global Energy Security and American Hegemony (Johns Hopkins University Press), US Foreign Policy (Oxford: Oxford University Press) and most recently Against Decolonisation: The Campus Culture Wars and the Decline of the West (2023), which was nominated for The Times Literary Supplement book of the year 2023. [...] He sits on the editorial committee of History Reclaimed and on the advisory board of the UK’s Free Speech Union and.
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