cover image: Supporting Respectful Relationships for 75 years - Annual Report  2022–2023


Supporting Respectful Relationships for 75 years - Annual Report 2022–2023

30 Jan 2024

The to community wellbeing and our research also highlighted the significant understanding of the importance of contribution positive relationships make sustaining positive relationships that to our wellbeing and resilience. [...] Through more than 300 owners and custodians of the land and waters on programs, each designed to address which we live and work, and we pay our respect to specific community and family concerns, their elders, past and present. [...] We acknowledge and programs and services, Relationships services supporting respect the rights of all people, in all their Australia member organisations are diversities, to live life fully within their committed to providing supports families and communities with dignity designed to meet the needs of the relationships across the and safety. [...] its commitment to delivering evidence- Relationships Australia is a strong supporter of calls for an based services that are tailored to the international convention protecting the rights of older people needs of the community, and informed and for service and policy responses that enhance the rights by national best practice. [...] The ODC delivers training and to continue to build a sense of pride within the providers for the NT Men’s Places Grants to deliver Program has trained 169 community members support to help organisations and communities organisation and be proud of all we do for our a Respectful Relationships Program for Indigenous across the NSW Hunter, Central Coast and New collaborate with individuals, families.
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