cover image: High Cost of Living and Mental Health Webinar - Follow up Q&A


High Cost of Living and Mental Health Webinar - Follow up Q&A

1 Feb 2024

This document accompanies our webinar on the High Cost of Living brief which offers an overview of emerging evidence and policy considerations regarding the mental health impacts of the high cost of living. After introducing the context and core concepts, it focuses on key mental health policy considerations related to increased costs of living, including financial insecurity, housing, food, and financial barriers to accessing mental health services and supports. The brief then uses an intersectional lens to look more closely at how these issues are amplified for equity-deserving populations disproportionately affected by health and social inequities. The federal policy landscape and recommendations for policy- and decision makers on how to mitigate the increased mental health risks associated with the rising cost of living are analyzed throughout and recapped at the end.
mental health, financial insecurity, unaffordable housing, food security, mental


Mental Health Commission of Canada

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