cover image: BRICS’ Enlargement: Power Expansion or Contraction in a Changing World Order?


BRICS’ Enlargement: Power Expansion or Contraction in a Changing World Order?

24 Jan 2024

2023), the Russian invasion ■ T he BRICS’ expansion should be seen in the context of Ukraine raises new security concerns, there is an of an ongoing challenge to the international order in upsurge in conflict in different regions of the world, general, and the West’s competition with China and and global warming continues unabated. [...] In part, the BRICS’ expansion can be read as an outcome of both structural changes in the global po- litical economy and shifting power balances, and as GLOBAL GEOPOLITICAL COMPETITION a response to events such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Western response to it. [...] The admission of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, both resulted in tensions with the United States in par- major oil producers, and Iran, which has substantial ticular, but in contrast to the previous era of super- 2 power competition, the “New Cold War” is centered This is a mode of operation where other countries cooperate in BRICS’ initiatives, such as being members of the New Development, on competit. [...] However, all members of the group on how the current round of expansion plays out and have an interest in the revision of the existing interna- whether existing tensions can be kept within bounds to tional order and in accessing the benefits that China, allow for greater coordination and cooperation on par- in particular, can potentially share with them such as ticular issues. [...] This may be logi- countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore cal from a great-power competition perspective, but respond to the BRICS expansion? What should the greater cooperation for humanity’s survival with re- BRICS powers themselves prioritize in terms of re- quire a change in mindset in China, the BRICS, and form of the international order to make it fairer? In a the Western powers.
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Pádraig Carmody

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