11 Dec 2023

During the meeting the LC’s members updated the team on the LC management and the progress of the LC workplan on the GSRN components. [...] Since INFCOM-2, the LC has worked on the selection of the GSRN pilot stations, together with the TT-GSRN; on the portal; on the development of the operational system; and on the GSRN data product. [...] The LC requested collaboration with the TT-GSRN for data acquisition, for the uncertainty calculations and for the coordination with the NMHS for the stations in the pilot GSRN. [...] The ‘public’ component of the website contains information on the network, the data, the instruments, documentation, and the community. [...] These statements will support, amongst others, the management of the GSRN pilot phase, the operations of the GSRN Lead Centre, the data providers and the collaboration/reporting between all the groups detailed in plot-1.


Peter Thorne

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