cover image: MYANMAR - Three years post-coup: recent developments and humanitarian situation OVERVIEW


MYANMAR - Three years post-coup: recent developments and humanitarian situation OVERVIEW

22 Feb 2024

In the three years following the coup, the military PDFs, and other armed resistance groups subsequently mounted attacks on the Myanmar junta, known as the State Administrative Council (SAC), has violently suppressed anti-coup Armed Forces (MAF), also referred to as the Tatmadaw, in central Myanmar, as well as the protests and repeatedly extended a declaration of emergency, most recently at the be. [...] Methodology and limitations • A significant rise in the use of and casualties from landmines and explosive remnants of The report is based on a secondary data review of publicly available sources and input from war (ERW) in 2023 has increased protection, health, and livelihood needs. [...] There are significant information gaps on conflict evolution, violent • Rapid increases in the IDP population have strained the capacity and resources of both events, and the specific areas, sectors, and population groups affected, largely because host communities and IDPs, many of whom have experienced repeat displacement since of the constrained information landscape, the SAC’s use of communicat. [...] The October 2023 escalation in fighting also disrupted the October–December harvests While there are no formal malnutrition prevalence surveys in Myanmar, there is anecdotal of rice and maize, and continued violence will likely disrupt the planting and growing of evidence of increased malnutrition in the last months of 2023. [...] Most IDPs have not returned to their villages of origin because of a lack of the MAF and the Three Brotherhood Alliance in December and January, both ceasefires livelihood opportunities and security risks, including the threat of landmines and ERW failed to hold, and neither applied to armed operations launched by other EAOs and PDFs explosions (Health Cluster 09/01/2024).
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