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Project Progress Report

25 Feb 2024

To familiarize students with climate policy debates and considerations to increase their design thinking skills To introduce concepts of inclusion, equity, adaptation and loss and damage to students and teaching them to integrate these concepts into innovative climate challenge-based ideas To develop participants’ problem skills through interactive feedbacks and multi- stage learning The CAP. [...] Describing findings of the project The project progess in stages from designing and planning the program outline, followed by promotion to universities and colleges through social media and also emails. [...] Through the final presentation and prizemoney followed by networking session – we believe the project progressed to give the participants avenue to progress as well and we found out the existing knowledge based and problem solving skill based problems which has been listed above. [...] What are the challenges/Risks you faced during the project activities? How you overcome/minimize those challenges? We faced some challenges in the timeline of the project due to the political instability in the month of December. [...] Whilst we continued to provide training, workshop and activities – a lack of funding often leads to multitude of challenges including lack of motivation and lack of logistics to support the activities in which the fund benefitted.


Md. Tariqul Hasan Rifat

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