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50 Ideas for a Stronger and More Equitable Bronx

28 Feb 2024

The 50 ideas in this report—a joint project between the Center for an Urban Future and The Bronx Community Foundation, the first and only community foundation in The Bronx, solely dedicated to delivering resources to the borough—all emanate from leaders across the Bronx. [...] City Council members from the Bronx and the Borough President should adopt the Bronx-wide ideas outlined in the economic development plan, because they represent the most thought-through ideas of people who live in the Bronx and challenge norms that need challenging. [...] Create a physical hub in the Bronx that helps connect local small businesses to existing assistance programs and resources Jessica Betancourt, Owner of Bronx Optical Center and President of BJT Bronx Merchant Association The success of small businesses from Jerome Avenue to Southern Boulevard will be crucial to closing the wealth gap in the Bronx and creating jobs across the borough. [...] Use zoning tools to encourage new developments in the Bronx to include health clinics and wellness centers Sandra Piggée, President, Bronx Community Health Network (BCHN) The Bronx has some of the worst health outcomes in the city, including asthma rates that are among the highest in the country, diabetes rates that are the highest in the state, and concerning hospitalization rates for mental illn. [...] Cap segments of the Cross Bronx Expressway with parks to improve public health across the borough Alexander Levine, Director and Co-Founder, Bronx One Policy Group The Bronx has the highest asthma rate of any borough in New York City, with 12.4 percent of the population suffering from the disease, more than 3 percentage points higher than the city-wide average.13 Heartbreakingly, the statistics ar.


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