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12 Feb 2024 This information will help ensure that municipalities can make informed decisions when working with energy partners to establish fire safety plans, determining the costs of fire mitigation and response, and assessing the risk of a fire incident to the community. [...] This will help ensure that municipalities are equipped to ensure the safety of our residents and the environment is accounted for when determining whether to provide municipal support to BESS energy projects. [...] We call on the Minister of Energy to collaborate with other ministries including Municipal Affairs and Housing; Environment, Conservation and Parks; and Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to provide clarity and guidance around requirements and best practices for energy project siting including, but not limited to BESS projects. [...] While the Ministry of Energy’s 2023 “Power Ontario’s Growth” report indicates that the province is expanding access to natural gas, the federal government has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and the IESO’s 2023 “Pathways to Decarbonization” report provides a pathway on how to phase out gas-fired generation on the same timeline. [...] We understand that the final report of Ontario’s electrification and energy transition panel includes recommendations for the Ministry of Energy to develop and communicate an energy transition policy vision and integrated long-term energy plan, including clear direction on the role of natural gas in Ontario’s future energy system.


Patrick Jerrett

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