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12 Feb 2024 Dear Lesley Gallinger, Municipal governments are committed to continuing work with energy partners to support a transition to a clean, sustainable, affordable energy system to meet the needs of our communities. [...] We understand that in November 2023, the Minister of Energy wrote to IESO highlighting similar concerns and asking that IESO be available to municipalities to answer questions regarding the needs of the Ontario electricity system and the province’s goals of growing a reliable, affordable mailto:Lesley. [...] AMO recommends that IESO continue proactive outreach to municipalities to build information about the energy system, and that IESO seek opportunities to engage with the broader public, in particular where councils are considering requests for municipal support resolutions. [...] Municipalities are prepared to help facilitate IESO’s participation in local engagement to help increase opportunities to ensure our officials and the public have the information needed to participate in informed discussions about the role these projects play in supporting Ontario’s energy needs when considering specific projects. [...] However, municipalities have heard from many proponents that they will not proceed with projects unless they have support prior to the procurement submission deadline due in order to mitigate the potential financial impact of investing in a project only to have support declined late in the process.


Patrick Jerrett

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