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3 billion additional trees by 2030 :Financing guide

23 Feb 2024

The main objective of this financing guide is to provide information to stakeholders interested in finding (additional) funding sources for their tree planting initiatives and, potentially, in being registered in the EU tree counter devoted to the EU pledge. The guide can also be useful to anyone interested in implementation of projects with tree planting components or in implementation of projects with a broader scope relating to biodiversity and nature protection, in particular at the intersection with forestry, urban and agricultural land use planning. Since most of the funding instruments described in this guide provide funding primarily or even exclusively for institutional stakeholders such as public authorities, companies and organisations, this guide will be most useful for such types of stakeholders. Nevertheless, the guide can also inform individuals who are interested in getting involved in projects supporting tree planting and nature protection about the existing financing opportunities and types of stakeholders who are implementing such projects.
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Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission

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European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment, 3 billion additional trees by 2030 – Financing guide , Publications Office of the European Union, 2024,
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