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Implementation of ecological flows in the EU :Final report

27 Feb 2024

Ecological flow (e-flow) is the amount of water required for the aquatic ecosystem to continue to thrive and provide the services we rely upon. It is a key element for sustainable water use in river basins along with water balances and water allocation mechanisms. In 2015, a guidance document was developed under the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) for the Water Framework Directive (WFD), to provide an EU definition of ecological flows and a common understanding of how they should be calculated, so that e-flows can be applied more consistently in river basin management plans. Eight years after the publication of the 2015 CIS guidance document, the integration of e-flows assessments in the RBMPs has steadily increased from the first to the third WFD planning cycle. This report reviews progress in implementing e-flows and in addressing implementation challenges. This report elaborates the main challenges faced by water management institutions in implementing e-flows in EU MS, presents country progress in developing relevant good practices and presents relevant implementation examples from MS practices.
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Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission, Ecologic Institute, Fresh Thoughts Consulting GmbH, Milieu Consulting

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