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OCEAN! - Part 4: Smithsonian

28 Feb 2024

The mass of the rocks compared to the volume of the box determines the density of rocks within the box. [...] What if you added more rocks to the box? Then the mass of the rocks would increase and the volume would stay the same. [...] If the volume of the water increases, what do you think happens to the density? (Remember the example of the volume of the box increasing to help you think about this concept.) Depending on where it is in the ocean, water temperatures can be very different. [...] Certainly, if we care for the importance of the natural world and the conditions we know, we should slow down the changes in the physical world, to give the life on Earth time to adapt. [...] If warm water sits on the top of the ocean and does not mix with the cold water toward the bottom, the water is said to be stratified.
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