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29 Feb 2024

Solid waste workers Findings in developing countries are at more risk than those in developed countries where direct Health and safety training in the workplace manual waste handling is limited to enhance Health and safety training in the workplace is a 1 crucial aspect of ensuring the well-being of Risks in workplace employees. [...] It involves educating employees about the potential hazards in their work Solid waste management encompasses a wide environment and providing them with the range of activities, and occupational health risks knowledge and skills to prevent accidents, occur at every step in the process. [...] Although safety and health in the workplace are legal practices that employers should adhere to, The brief recommends the following: First, the several health risks have been associated with ministries responsible for the environment and people employed in solid waste management. [...] Dimensions of health risks , health problems and provide updated and context-informed slivelihood conditions of municipality cleaning guidelines and conduct regular inspections and workers of Kumbakonam town : A perceptional enforcement measures such as fines and study. [...] Challenges and other stakeholders, including private sector prospects of private sector participation in solid companies and CBOs, should emphasise health waste management in Dar es Salaam City, and occupational safety measures more and Tanzania.


Vincent Nalwendela

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