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Social and Economic Prosperity Review

6 Mar 2024

Municipalities are constantly looking to the future to understand what infrastructure will be needed to support residents and the economy, and planning and investing to meet evolving needs. [...] In the last five years, The challenge continues to grow in the face of sky- property taxpayers rocketing food and shelter costs and a reluctance to have seen a reverse the policy choices of successive provincial 200% increase governments over the past three decades that have contributed to the current crisis. [...] 2 The Impact of Community Housing on Productivity, Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (2023) Social and Economic Prosperity Review | AMO 7 The time to update the provincial-municipal fiscal relationship is long overdue As of 2022, property taxes in Ontario were already amongst the highest in the country at $2,200 per capita. [...] In 2008, the province and municipalities listened and learned from one another as a part of the Provincial-Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review to develop a shared vision to help rebalance roles, responsibilities and finances. [...] Social and Economic Prosperity Review | AMO 11 Amount (Billions) A Social and Economic Prosperity Review In October 2023, AMO asked the Premier, the Minister of Finance, and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to sit down with municipalities and work together on a social and economic prosperity review: a joint review of revenues, costs and financial risks and a detailed analysis of Ontar.
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