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Working for Women: A strategy for gender equality

8 Mar 2024

The Australian Government is committed to creating a better, gender equal Australia for everyone. Working for Women: A Strategy for Gender Equality outlines where the Government will focus its efforts over the next decade to achieve its vision – an Australia where people are safe, treated with respect, have choices and have access to resources and equal outcomes no matter their gender. This Strategy is underpinned by Australia’s longstanding international commitments to human rights and gender equality. This Strategy responds to what women and others across the Australian community told the Government in a consultation process involving thousands of people and organisations. The lived experience and expertise shared in these consultations made it clear that – while Australia has come a long way in recent years and decades – there is an urgent need for change. There are persistently high rates of gender-based violence, damaging attitudes and stereotypes, and gender pay and earning gaps. Women feel exhausted and under appreciated. They must be constantly vigilant about safety, take on the pressure of navigating work and care, and shoulder the greater burden of unpaid labour; all of which puts pressure on their financial security, independence and choices.
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