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Just Food Systems - Evaluation Framework Report

1 Mar 2024

Moreover, a narrow focus on household food These manifestations of oppression are linked to a insecurity fails to account for the compounding effects misunderstanding and misdiagnosis of the causes of of generational poverty and income inequality, the food insecurity, diet-related diseases, and the lack rising costs of food and housing, and the devastating of access to clean water, which are more. [...] Just Food Systems Evaluation Framework | Page 19 of 44 Report Piloting and Refining the Framework A series of focus groups and workshops were conducted with community food actors from Revelstoke and Prince George BC to test the usability, applicability and accessibility of the Framework and gather feedback to further refine its contents. [...] To share findings from the focus groups and Overall, participants expressed that the tool is useful revisions to the Framework; for providing a methodical approach to applying To test the usability of the Framework and people’s JEDI concepts to food work. [...] food must meet legislative guidelines, and the law established to protect the safety of the food supply is Just Food Systems Evaluation Framework | Page 24 of 44 Report Outcomes: a diversity of perspectives, and consider the long-term impacts of interventions on future food systems. [...] Just Food Systems Evaluation Framework | Page 33 of 44 Report Conclusions and Limitations To the best of our knowledge, the Just Food System Evaluation Framework represents the first of its kind as a tool to support community organizations and different levels of government to integrate justice into food system planning activities.


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