cover image: PFFS. User Guide V6 02.28.2024


PFFS. User Guide V6 02.28.2024

29 Feb 2024

6 To really make a causes hunger, poverty, and a lack of control over food change, we need to break the foundations of the food for others, especially people of colour, individuals living system that are the source of suffering, like racial in poverty, experiencing homelessness, or living with a injustice, globalized corporate control of food and food disability, and students. [...] 12 Achieving planet? food sovereignty in Canada requires moving away How can we be more honest and transparent about from culinary and agricultural monocultures and the roles we play in supporting the mainstream toward uplifting the rich diversity of food traditions that food system and be open to transforming ourselves are inextricably linked to health, wellbeing, and to create a more just and fa. [...] Food Justice Community Planning Tool | Page 7 of 31 Who is the Food Justice Community Ultimately, the Food Justice Community Planning Tool Planning Tool For? aims to empower individuals and communities, encouraging them to critically examine their roles in the current food system and explore alternatives that The intended audience and users of the Food Justic. [...] different perspectives? Food Justice Community Planning Tool | Page 23 of 31 Denying the How are discussions about food issues and Denials of the importance of the past influence of time problems situated/contextualized? Are they as influencing the present and future (Being unaware/ introduced in the present moment without (e.g., Colonialism was a ‘thing of the indifferent toward a reference to hi. [...] How do benefits/burdens from the past CategDoerynial of the possibility of multiple historical legacies, enter the analysis of food problems and different futures (e.g., ‘Creating a just complexities, and solutions? Who is responsible for/complicit and sustainable food future means implications) in creating and maintaining these going back to the land and not using problems? technology’).


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