cover image: REN21 and its multi-stakeholder approach


REN21 and its multi-stakeholder approach

7 Mar 2024

19.07.2023 2 THE ANNUAL GSR COLLECTION COVERING ALL BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEM Renewables for Economic and Social Value Creation ◼ Employment & Equity ◼ Local Supply Chains ◼ Access to Electricity & Clean Cooking GSR 2023 Global Overview ◼ Renewable Energy Share in TFEC ◼ Economy-wide Policies ◼ Energy System Investment 3 19.07.2023 WHAT CHANGED IN 2022? Energy Crisis was Energ. [...] 19.07.2023 7 UNEVEN DEPLOYMENT OF RENEWABLE ENERGY THE TRANSITION REQUIRES EQUITY AND ENERGY ACCESS Only 7 countries have a renewable energy share in total final energy consumption above 50%. [...] 19.07.2023 12 UNLOCKING INVESTMENT INVESTMENT IN THE ENERGY SYSTEM SOLAR PV DRIVING INVESTMENT GROWTH, BUT FOSSIL FUELS STILL DOMIN ATE Renewable energy accounted for less than one-third of the global investment across the power and fuel supply and infrastructure. [...] 19.07.2023 28 ENERGY ACCESS GOVERNMENTS LACK OFFICIAL ENERGY ACCESS TARGETS More than half of the countries without universal access to energy don’t have access targets. [...] 19.07.2023 THE WAY FORWARD MAXIMISING THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL VALUE OF THE RENEWABLE ENERGY TRANSITION ◼ Renewable energy is an answer to many challenges – the potential is huge ◼ We are moving from an energy revolution into an industrial revolution ◼ Energy, climate, industrial, trade, economic policies are driving renewable energy ◼ Accelerating deployment means accelerating the economic and ind.
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