cover image: PAPER FEBRUARY 2024 - Return and reintegration in the context of Senegal


PAPER FEBRUARY 2024 - Return and reintegration in the context of Senegal

21 Feb 2024

persists regarding the number and profiles of migrants returning to Senegal and researchers and practitioners AVR alike have specifically highlighted the substantial The most consistent and comprehensive numbers knowledge gap in relation to people who return to available on returns to Senegal are from the International Senegal spontaneously.10 Organization for Migration (IOM) in relation to its AV. [...] MMC’s 4Mi Returns survey utilizes on returns within the EU, the Council of Europe has the infrastructure and methodology of MMC’s 4Mi highlighted that, as of June 2022 more than 16,000 survey while covering the following themes: profile and Senegalese in an irregular situation in the EU received a demographic information; drivers and influencers of return decision in the last three years. [...] Initial scoping suggested that proportionally speaking female returnees were not The clear definition of concepts was an integral part of numerous, so the MMC decided to proactively sample the study and was emphasized during the training of the women from the beginning of the data collection. [...] 6 Return and reintegration in the context of Senegal: Strengthening the evidence base Reasons for return and decision making Respondents primarily returned to Senegal due to Among respondents who returned to Senegal their legal status and the general living conditions spontaneously (n=271), reasons related to general living in their country of migration. [...] The findings reveal a common levels of dissatisfaction and limited access to livelihoods thread; returnees, irrespective of their mode or country of and assistance, a significant proportion of respondents return, encountered an array of obstacles and challenges expressed an intention to remain in Senegal in the next pre-departure as well as after return.
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