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ISET Policy Institute - Georgia Media (de)Polarization Index

20 Mar 2024

The EU to the polarization between the party in Commission widely acknowledges the government and the opposition party. [...] This method allows Researchers employ a range of methods to for the mapping of the relationships and capture the nuances of polarization: examining interactions that contribute to the reinforcement of 5 polarized viewpoints within the media (Segev, The methodology employed in the ISET Policy 2020). [...] This Methodology and Data Collection unsupervised learning approach allows the model to organically identify media clusters based on the 4 The macro F1 score is calculated as the average the F1 score refers to the harmonic mean of precision and (unweighted) of the individual F1 scores of all classes. [...] that the higher the polarization, the higher are ratings of the two largest political parties and the Conclusion and Recommendations 'middle' (which mainly consists of smaller The Index emerges as the only and important opposition parties) shrinks. [...] The index is derived from the Gini coefficient and is a function of the mean and variance of the distribution.


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