cover image: UN Summit of the Future: Prospects and Challenges


UN Summit of the Future: Prospects and Challenges

19 Mar 2024

Most notably, this vision included the introduction of post-conflict peacebuilding and peacemaking, a focus on conflict prevention measures, and the explicit use of Chapter VII of the UN Charter to legitimise the use of force without the consent of the warring parties. [...] Ahead of the summit, Kofi Annan released his report, “We the Peoples: the Role of the United Nations in the 21st Century”. [...] Measuring Expectations Through a reading of the 11 policy briefs for the Summit of the Future, it is evident that the recommendations are indicative of the time and energy spent on developing policy proposals. [...] More likely to see traction at the summit are the proposals to revitalise the General Assembly’s role in disarmament and enhancing the role of the Peacebuilding Commission. [...] By convening the Summit of the Future, UN member states, with the support of the secretary-general, are laying the groundwork for the global community to embark on the important phase of negotiating the next set of global goals to achieve the sustainable, resilient, and inclusive economy that has long been promised.


Janet Fung

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