cover image: PHABC Awards 2023 03.21.2024


PHABC Awards 2023 03.21.2024

21 Mar 2024

While it is still in the prototyping stage, the PMF holds potential to greatly enhance the work of public health teams, by applying information technology to ensure the context, timeline and history of an issue are part of the policy development process. [...] In order to raise awareness of the role of the corporate sector in public health and in the potential for corporations to provide leadership in improving health, PHABC has created a Healthy Corporate Citizen Award. [...] With a commitment to the service of community needs, this space was re-envisioned in June of 2022, and now provides accessible garden space to Surrey residents eager to connect to their food, the planet, and their neighbours. [...] By teaming up with PHABC to engage community and bolster neighbourhood connection, the residents of the area are able to access garden space in an area with years-long PHABC Awards 2023 | Page 6 of 12 The Award of Merit: Steve Woolrich- Rethink Urban The Award of Merit is given to a community member who does not belong to the PHABC but who has contributed significantly to enhancing the health of t. [...] The award recognizes a member or non-member of PHABC who has contributed significantly to community development by: Supporting community capacity Advocating for social justice Mentoring others in the promotion of the public's health Promoting the involvement of community members in public health programs.


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