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Preventing workplace bullying position statement - 1. Purpose 2. Definitions bullying

29 Feb 2024

To fulfil this obligation, employers must collaborate with WHS committees, health and safety representatives (HSRs), staff, unions, and experts to develop and implement a whole-of- organisation strategy to prevent bullying that considers all aspects of organisational development including: 4 • leadership and culture • organisational knowledge • risk management • support for staff • reporting and r. [...] The bullying prevention strategy should include: • proactive measures to create a workplace culture that practises and values: − good management and positive leadership − clear and effective communication − teamwork and co-operation • clear expectations for managers and supervisors around appropriate workplace behaviour and culture including: − the clear advice that bullying is unacceptable and wi. [...] The bullying prevention strategy should include: • training for managers and supervisors in people management and conflict resolution • education programs for managers and workers that build awareness of workers’ rights and responsibilities in relation to bullying including: − how to recognise bullying − the workplace policies and procedures for preventing and managing bullying − the workplace pol. [...] Workers, including nurses, midwives and assistants in nursing, must: • comply with all workplace policies, procedures and codes of conduct relating to all aspects of WHS, including workplace bullying • take reasonable care of their own health and safety and the health and safety of others who may be affected by their behaviour • co-operate with the employer in any reasonable action to provide a sa. [...] Workers who consider they are being subjected to bullying or who witness bullying should: • keep a diary of the incidents and the names of any witnesses • report the bullying as per the workplace reporting procedure and keep a record of the report • seek support, guidance and help from the ANMF as soon as possible.



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